Energy Conservation Techniques: A Window to Savings

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Incorporating energy conservation techniques is the key to reducing energy consumption, lowering power expenses and protecting the environment. Every little step helps. Thermostat settings and the use of energy efficient lights are excellent ways to start, but the biggest sources of energy loss in nearly every home are windows and doors.

The Environmental and Energy Study Institute suggests that windows are among the biggest sources of energy loss in homes. Older or improperly installed windows and doors can be directly responsible for 25% to 50% of heat loss, which can amount to every other source of energy loss combined.

It stands to reason that a window and door upgrade can have a tremendous impact on the environment and will save thousands over a reasonably short period of time. Great looking windows and doors that take advantage of V-Weld technology are among the best possible ways to reduce water and air leaks while maximizing energy efficiency.

The finest in the industry will offer products with top scores from Energy Star and are as beautiful as they are functional.
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Energy conservation techniques can be used to make any home or business operate more efficiently. That efficiency can have a dramatic effect on the environment as well as your bank account. Some of the biggest sources of energy loss in a home are windows and exterior doors. With a few simple steps, choosing the right purveyor of windows and doors with the best energy conservation methods is simple.

V-Weld Technology

Older windows and those made by less environmentally aware companies are made with the box-to-box method. This is a modular type of construction sometimes achieved through the use of mechanical mullions. While simple to construct and relatively inexpensive, they lead to water and air leaks and provide limited structural support. V-Weld technology eliminates the need for silicon caulking and gaskets to seal the windows and creates a substantially tighter seal that reduces air and water leaks in ways that traditional windows have never been able to match.

Energy Star

You may have noticed Energy Star labels on a wide range of products over the past few years. Energy Star is the mark of highly efficient products in Canada and the United States and helps consumers quickly and easily recognize the most efficient options available. This label isn’t limited to electronics. Be sure to purchase Energy Star compliant windows and doors to maximize home and business energy efficiency.
Incorporating energy conservation techniques is an opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint, protect the environment and save some serious cash. If it’s about time for a window and door upgrade, be sure to investigate only the top rated solutions that utilize V-Weld technology and are in compliance with Energy Star requirements.  

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